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Making organizations future-proof – we make your organization more resilient!

Flexible organizational structures and processes strengthen resilience in volatile environments. This succeeds with communication that gives room for dialogue and understanding, takes culture seriously, and lets people become not only spectators but participants.

We translate your organization’s transformation plans into structures and narratives that explain, empower, and convince. Together, we win over the relevant stakeholders for your transformation.

From our portfolio:

  • Change communications – the impetus to increase employees’ understanding of goals, strategies, processes and decisions
  • Initiatives to strengthen the culture of dialog
  • Communicative positioning of projects and initiatives within the organization
  • Thematic initiatives on digitization and technology innovations
  • Communication on redesigning organizational structures and processes
  • Strategic realignment and communicative profiling of departments or teams
  • Ad hoc analysis of project crises and development of effective solution scenarios
  • Workshops/moderation: transformation scenarios with recommendations for action for the next steps from the perspective of organizational development and communication

Communicating new business models – we position your ideas with convincing messages!

Whether as a corporate venture, grown-up or scale up – new business models are successful if they communicate their innovative power clearly, inspiringly, and convincingly. Go-to-market, funding, or internal acceptance in the core business depend on it and often turn out to be special communicative situations.

At the interface between business building and marketing communications, we support you with the right tailoring of success-critical resources and activities need in the new venture phase.

From our portfolio:

  • Establishing and optimizing business-building communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Matching strategy and product development for digital services with the communication requirements in marketing and sales
  • Communication support for the entire product lifecycle, from data ideation to the scaling and venture phase
  • Communications strategy partner for the go-to-market customer journey
  • Communications strategy and operations to develop, adapt, implement, and optimize structures, governance, and leadership models
  • Strategic and operational communications services that purposefully support sustainable and dynamic growth of the specific business model
  • Communication impulses for the people & culture management

We translate your value proposition into meaningful ESG commitments!

Today, ESG criteria are much more than regulatory requirements. They are becoming increasingly important for investment, innovation and purchasing decisions. Thus, they touch the core business. Communication is critical to success in this transformation: It is no longer just a matter of disclosure requirements or serving ESG criteria in sustainability reporting.

What is needed are answers to the question of what ESG contribution your business model makes. This requires a credible and differentiating translation of your value proposition into relevant and effective ESG commitments – for all stakeholders at all touchpoints. We advise you conceptually, methodically and editorially on how to communicate your ESG promise.

From our portfolio:

  • Communicative ESG positioning
  • Culture development
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Establishment and process support of corporate resilience
  • Crisis prevention and crisis communications
  • Integrity and compliance communications
  • Reputation management
  • Public value management

Questioning leadership communication – we open up new spaces for reflection and leverage potential!

Virtual, lateral, or agile: Today, managers are faced with a wide range of demands to deal with permanently changing work realities. However, leadership behavior is still primarily characterized by communicative action. Authentic and effective leadership communication, whether in a project, in a team or in the company, focuses parallel work realities on one goal and enables them to perform and deliver results.

Concepts like New Work need New Leadership. We reflect, advise and moderate leadership communication, aligning it with your goals and needs and those of your organization and stakeholders.

From our portfolio:

  • Sparring in the context of initialization, reflection or change of leadership roles
  • Presentation and media training
  • Development certainty of decision-making and action for the individual leadership style
  • Communicative impulses for a future-oriented cultural change in organizational areas, departments and teams
  • Development of hybrid leadership roles
  • Establishment of participative dialog formats
  • Support in conflict situations
  • Analysis and further development of the employee journey

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